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About Us
SoftNaps is a vertically integrated tissue paper company. We have the widest range of disposable paper serviettes and napkins catering to various consumer and out of home markets.

Our product lines include serviettes, napkins, facial tissue, quilted napkins and we are able to offer a multitude of colors, sizes, folds and printed designs.

Our products are shipped worldwide, and we are commited to provide total solutions to cater to the needs of customers in Cost, Quality, Flexibility, and Time to market.

Softnaps aims to be the premier world class company providing a wide range of tissue paper products across all industries and consumer markets.

Our Quality tissue brands

What is Virgin Pulp?

Virgin pulp is wood pulp from trees just cut down instead of being from a recycled source. Making paper from virgin pulp saves energy nedded for de-inking and the proper disposal of sludge, the by-product of recycled paper.

Pulp paper is chlorine-free bleached which not releases dioxins, carcinogens, and mutagens that affect the immune system, reptoductive system, and aquatic and wild life.

Besides that, virgin pulp has longer fiber making it stronger, more durable, and more absorbent. It also creates a softer and smoother texture, making users less susceptible to skin allergies.

Unlike recycled paper, virgin pulp is free from harmful BPA and toxic metal. The bacteria count present in the tissue fibers is lower than recycled paper.
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